Anyone coming to India to shoot must get a J visa or E visa.
E visa is applicable when the Producer/production Company is Indian and is hiring the service of an international technician or talent.

E-visa is for long term and can take longer time.

If you are visiting India for a TVC shoot, apply for J visa only.
Application are available online but they have to be submitted physically.
Every application must mention that the applicant is travelling for a shoot. Must mention the name of the client and the organisation that has hired him/her.

Along with the documents mentioned on the website, the applicant must submit the script along with the storyboard/treatment note.

He must have an invitation letter from the host production house and the letter should mention that The shoot will happen only in unrestricted areas of the city of xyz with proper permission from the city authorities.

The applicant need not worry about the time of 10 weeks mentioned on the website. It is only for special cases like sensitive documentaries and features.


Except for small bits in the extreme north and north-east, the rest of the country is as safe or unsafe as any of the cities around the world. Having said that, we´d appreciate it if you didn´t venture out alone, especially in the hinterlands.


This works in exactly the same way as the rest of the world, painfully. And this is where our extremely well-oiled local production networks come in handy. Permits to shoot, especially near structures of historic importance, can take up to a fortnight. Government structures, even longer; sometimes never. Like we said, these things are best left to us. Even if there´s a remote chance of it happening, happen it will. In cases where it just isn´t possible, trust us, you´ll be the first to know.


Insurance policies for shoots are yet to be as reliable as they are in the west.

The shoot and crew is almost always insured. There is a facility for weather insurance as well.


Climatic conditions vary drastically from region to region. From the freezing Himalayan north to the hot and humid heart of India, the monsoon-lashed West to the misty North-east. But once we know what you need, we´ll reccommend the best locations and best times to shoot there.


The Customs in India can be very strict and getting cinema equipment without proper permission is not advisable.

Most of the specialized camera and grip requirements can easily be arranged here, or from Singapore or Bangkok. In the rare case that you need to carry your own equipment, just make sure you inform us in advance so that the necessary phone calls can be made, and any unwanted delays avoided.


All metros and tier-1 cities have 5-star accommodation. And with a thriving tourism industry, most locations can be easily accessed from places with good accommodation.


Most Indian cities are well connected by air, road and rail. Air travel between smaller towns is still a little iffy. But once you have a plan in place, leave the itinerary to us. We´ll help you find your way around.


One last but very important piece of information. We Indians, especially in the rural bits, take our traditions, and our faith, a little too seriously. Please do try and respect the local customs as much as possible. And when in doubt, look for the guys in Nomad tees.