India is probably the only country in the world where no two locations look alike. Every house, every street, every shop, every park is different. We aren’t talking about the monuments yet, or nature for that matter. Such is the diversity of this country that even the most travelled local cannot guarantee that he knows it all.

Now let’s talk about the rest.

Nature for instance.

The mystical Himalayas, the mighty rivers, the wildlife, tropical forests, the beaches… this is a subcontinent for goodness’ sake.


The architecture in India is as diverse as its culture and as colorful as its history.

A bamboo-stilts tribal home in Arunachal Pradesh has nothing in common with the landscaped mansions in Kerala inspired by Nalukettu architecture.

It is the same for monuments and buildings.

From ancient Hindu architecture to magnificent Islamic monuments, Persian and French to Dutch and Portuguese, Neo Classical to Art Deco, penthouses to pigeon holes, shanties to Nat Geo endorsed modern edifices, you will find everything you need.


Indians love their cricket but we have a fair share of other sports as well.

Here you will find one of the world’s largest stadiums for soccer and athletics, the oldest golf course outside the UK, regal racecourses, boxing rings, athletic tracks, world class ski resorts, ice hockey rinks, swimming pools, velodromes and even a F1 track.

Outdoor and adventure sports are getting popular in India. Diving, surfing, skiing, white water rafting, mountaineering, para gliding are among them.


The Indian entertainment industry has changed over the past 10 years with professionally managed, corporate studios and rental companies offering impressive catalogues. Think Luminys, Scorpio Heads, Panther Tristar Dollys, Phantoms, REDs and Arri Alexas and a seasoned bunch of pros handling them.


There are some 1.27 billion people in India. Divided by language, skin colour, facial features and cuisines, they are bound by their passion – cricket and films.

The entertainment industry employs 100,000 actors and performers. Our talent coordinators and casting directors know just where to look when you want us to find THE face for your project. Thanks to our offices around the world, we also have the upper hand should you wish to work with international talent.


We are the master chefs in the chaotic, challenging kitchen of film production. We know exactly how much of what goes in where to make for the perfect dish. So when it comes to putting together a crew for your project, rest assured, you have come to the right guys.